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Phys. Ed. Gym Shorts
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We've always been a fan of the vintage gym shorts style. This limited edition sexy booty style short is great for working out and is made from amazingly soft and durable, thick-knit 60/40 jersey. With a notch on the side of each leg and an elastic waistband, you have complete range of motion, while staying extremely comfortable at the same time. Accented by our "PHYS. ED + 7 VARSITY" logo print on right front leg, these shorts are the perfect homage to the past, while the neon stitching keep it fashionable for today.

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Feel  comfortable feel
cloth thinness cotton
Form A leg is rather thin
Expansion and contraction not good expansion
Durability  Common
seam in the front part yes
size   M  L
cotton60% Polyurethane40% MADE IN THAILAND
Waist rubber flexible range

M 70cm - 100cm
L 76cm - 112cm

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